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Parade Magazine: “Take Back Your Weekend” by Amy Wood

These days, managing your weekend is like running a marathon at a sprinter’s pace—with a stagger across the finish line on Sunday night. Too many people aren’t enjoying themselves on the weekends. Read this article to learn how to take back your weekend.

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Navigating Negativity: 4 Ways to Be Properly Optimistic in the Workplace

As any astute HR professional knows, too much negativity is draining, deflating, and downright depressing in the workplace. But too much positivity can lead to denial, avoidance, and dangerous oversights. The key is to strike a healthy balance between needless catastrophizing and inflated confidence.

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5-Minute Mood Boosters

Beat the blues in a flash with these eight cheer-up techniques.

Reviews & Awards for Life Your Way by Dr. Amy Wood

Featured Review

Life Your Way by Amy Wood is the “real deal,” an authentic self-help book with an inviting professional style that is indubitably inspiring and downright rational—a pearl of practical wisdom among the swells of personal transformation writings flooding the information age.”

–The US Review of Books


“Life Your Way” received the Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award in the Self-Help category for 2012.

Top 12 Spirited Woman Book Pick List

Top 12 Spirited Woman Book Pick List


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How to Get Real Help from Self-help Hype

Real wisdom can be found in overblown antidotes if you take them with a grain or two of salt. The solution is to turn self-help hype into real help by applying common sense to the pumped-up promises. Read three examples of how self-help fluff can become solid counsel.

How to Accomplish Anything

Our aspirations are motivating, but unreasonable approaches are paralyzing. So we go back and forth between wanting something to happen and realizing we just don’t have what it takes to make it happen now. Each swing of this pendulum seems to confirm that we must lack the guts, the brains, or some elusive goal-manifesting power when the only thing we’re missing is a sensible game plan.

Sensible Multitasking: How to Almost “Do It All” Without Losing Your Mind

Technology will save you time (and your sanity and quite possibly your life, for that matter) if you recognize the limits of the average adult brain. Combining two activities requiring your total attention means doing neither activity well. Read this article for six tips for Sensible Multitasking.


Your Money & Your Life Radio with Jane Honeck & Amy Wood: How we think about money drives every aspect of life

Negative money beliefs like “I’ll never have enough” or “I’m bad with money” are the same beliefs contributing to relationship, career, and health problems. Being a whiz with numbers helps, but what really makes people prosperous is the right mindset.

Listen to the podcast.

Your Money & Your Life Radio with Jane Honeck & Amy Wood: Can money really buy happiness? And can being financially challenged make you rich in other ways?

Listen to the podcast.

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