Why is it so hard, in a world overflowing with personal and professional improvement advice, to carve out a rich, satisfying, and uncomplicated career and life?

The more encouraged we are to reinvent and advance ourselves, the more stressed we become from sorting out all the options for accentuating home and work and everything in between.  Trying to keep up with the ever-evolving stream of directives – 10 steps to this and 5 steps to that – keeps us in a perpetual state of feeling unfinished, with the secret to success just one more “how to” article out of reach.

Read on for an easier way:

As a psychologist, executive coach, speaker, trainer, and former Dow Jones manager, I have spent over 25 years leading others to greater fulfillment and attainment.  Having helped countless exceptionally driven attorneys, executives, politicians, and entrepreneurs become happier and more productive amid an ever-escalating commotion of external distractions, I know this:

Genuine gratification is about stepping away from the cacophony of “too much expert information,” pulling only what individually resonates into unique roadmaps for our own brands of success, and leaving the irrelevant rest behind.   Forging a customized path to success from infinite possibilities calls for incredible passion, resilience, and courage, but the reward of designing and executing success from the inside out is exquisitely gratifying.

The more inner-directed we are, the more likely we are to feel, think, and act in ways that nourish our individual personal and professional desired outcomes.   In other words, when we are performing at our best, awake in the world celebrating our innate gifts, we attract great opportunities and peace of mind.  It takes intense internal focus to create this distinct kind of pleasurable existence, and getting sidetracked by our frenzied cultural pace is what keeps people unhappy and spinning.

My expertise is helping driven adults become genuinely accomplished by clearing the clutter of outside instructions, accessing their wise inner compass, and cultivating their own inspired blueprints for transformation.  Through one-on-one sessions, group trainings, and speaking engagements, I partner with my clients to encourage the inner stamina necessary to evolve in a society that doesn’t allow room for the intuitively inspired choices so pivotal to unlocking our truest, deepest potential. 

Benefits of learning and practicing my principles include:

  • More time, space, energy, and money for what’s most rewarding
  • Better sleep and healthier habits
  • Establishment of a life rhythm that is simultaneously comfortable and stimulating
  • Optimal work performance
  • Heightened power to dismiss distractions and negativity
  • More inspiring, imaginative, affirming interior life
  • Greater recognition and use of personal strengths
  • More enriching relationships and better career opportunities
  • Clearer priorities and preferences
  • Elevated capacity to engage and influence others
  • Better decision-making and inventive problem-solving skills
  • Greater capacity to take smart risks and recover from set-backs 
  • Advanced ability to navigate change, uncertainty, conflict, and loss
  • More grounded sense of being connected, confident, and alive in the world
  • Stronger commitment to meaningful goals and dreams – and tools for accomplishing them

I invite you to learn more about how I guide adults to articulate and act on their own versions of personal and professional success :

What it all comes down to is this:

Real happiness is possible when we stop trying to keep up with the endless swirl of directives around us and strive instead for what we can control:  knowing, appreciating, and having enough faith in ourselves to take from the overload only what speaks to us and sustains us. 

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you, your employees, or your organization navigate the overwhelm with greater discernment and be more successful on your own unique terms, using resources you already have, let’s talk.

All the best,

Amy Wood, Psy.D.
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Dr. Wood is a founding member of the Maine Collaborative Law Alliance.

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