TLNT: Navigating Negativity: 4 Ways to Be Properly Optimistic in the Workplace

This article written by Amy Wood explores how to bring a balanced, rather than blind optimism in the work place. She writes: “In an era where personal and professional reinvention is all the rage, the party line is that whatever you want – a fit body, your soul mate, the corner office, you name it — can be yours if you show zero tolerance for nay-saying and focus exclusively on what is possible….But as social critic Barbara Ehrenreich asserts in her provocative book Bright-Sided, positive thinking has a definite downside when taken too far. Not only can tireless cheerfulness lead us to ignore inconvenient yet important truths and skip over painful yet character-building growth experiences, it is utterly off-putting to those of us who prefer to confront rather than repress reality.” Read the full article here.

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