Carry a Big Stick

No, I’m not going to start quoting Winston Churchill.  In this case, the big stick is part of a childhood fable that inspired Mahatma Gandhi to greatness.  The story involves an elephant that wreaks havoc with his swinging trunk, knocking things every which way; the chaos stops when the elephant’s trunk becomes occupied with picking up a stick and carrying it to a destination.  And the moral is that when you have a central focus – in this instance getting a stick from one location to another – you are less susceptible to distraction, and more apt to be productive.

 Always a curious and passionate adventurer, Gandhi decided at a young age that his “stick” would be his intuition.  He realized that if his primary intention were to follow his inner voice, he would always have a road map and would be much less likely to get pulled away by anything not in line with his deepest callings. 

 As you consider what you want to accomplish in 2014, I highly recommend that you follow Gandhi’s example and let your intuition be your guiding light.    You are more apt to be successful when you step out of the commotion of modern life, get quiet, really hear what your powerful voice within has to say, and take its lead.   

We promise that if you make your resolution this year to act on the directions you get from within, rather than react to the endless options and pressures swirling around you, you will feel increasingly in the flow of life.   You may not have Gandhi’s epic ambition, but your intuition will take you to your own brand of greatness.

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