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“It was our great honor to have Dr. Wood present at our Illinois Women in Leadership Symposium earlier this year. Her “Life Your Way” excited our audience, and her “10 Principles of Success” provided our attendees with guidelines they’ll never forget. We were so impressed that we invited Amy to share her considerable wisdom with our nationwide audience on one of our upcoming National Diversity Council Webinars programs. “
“What can’t Amy Wood do?  Speaking, training, coaching, counseling, these are just a few of her areas of expertise.  But amongst her numerous talents her greatest asset to our clients is her innate ability to take the frustratingly complex and break it into the manageably simplified.  In our sound byte driven culture, the fast pace can drown out one’s priorities.  Amy’s voice echoes truly.”
“Amy Wood provided consulting and executive coaching to my organization for a couple of years. She guided my staff through a major transition and built the foundation for a new program. Today, that program serves more than 100 kids a year and generates over half a million dollars in revenue.”
“Amy has graced the Maine HR Convention stage several times with real life discussions about the “human” component to human resources. It’s a pleasure to work with her, as she brings a welcome and different angle to the proceedings.”
“Dr. Wood's participation in our Annual Patient Conference as a presenter was of great help to patients and caregivers attending. Her compassion for those overwhelmed and struggling with life's challenges is evident in her thoughtful work, and she is also organized, thorough and articulate. I would recommend Dr. Wood as a presenter for any organization trying to help its members find an optimistic, but realistic way to navigate an uncertain future. “
“Amy is an insightful and creative coach. She intuitively finds ways to assist her clients to find their own voice and discover the possibilities that exist for them. She is remarkably genuine and thoughtful. And, most importantly, her clients are prepared to realize the objectives they desire as the result of her work.”
“Amy Wood spoke at our 2012 Wellness Conference, and she was a delight: easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable and flexible to meet the needs of our large audience. An attendee of one of her sessions commented: 'I really enjoyed Amy's style of presentation and how she took ideas that seem simple yet are very complex and made them useful and relevant. ' “
"Amy is the perfect solution for boosting staff satisfaction and productivity. She offers a timely and relevant program that supports staff if they are experiencing stress, burn out and fatigue from trying to manage too many priorities at once. Amy is able to engage participants with a method for focusing on what really matters. And she does this in a fun and effective way. I am delighted she was able to help me and our staff. "
“Amy Wood is a breath of fresh air, as a speaker, writer, or coach. If you are interested in having someone speak to your group who is an original thinker and not “just another speaker”, I highly recommend Amy. She brings a depth to her work that one typically does not find in “motivational speakers”, and packages her wisdom in a wryly amusing, highly engaging presentation style. If you engage her as a coach, you won’t find her trying to force fit you into her pre-packaged answer for your life. Instead, she will help guide you along the path of becoming your own expert, creating a life that works for YOU.”
“Amy is not only an articulate speaker but she has such insight on what issues women want to talk and learn more about. It is very apparent that she is very intuitive so is able to effectively engage her audience. Amy was a definite asset to all who heard her speak at the Bryant University Women's Summit.”
“I had the good fortune to find Amy Wood and to do in-depth personal therapy work with her through some challenging life changes in recent years. As a result of this work with Amy, and her guidance to equip me with the emotional stability and tools I needed, I've succeeded in navigating myself and my family through a minefield of threats to our peace, security and growth. I have not only been able to emerge strong and intact, but as a result of our work, have met and surpassed personal and professional goals I've had only hoped o achieve. Amy provides direct, efficient and effective guidance that empowers for a lifetime.”
“Amy Wood knows how to stay productive and healthy in the midst of business challenges. I co-hosted a radio program with her for a year, geared to just that. She doesn't believe in magic bullets, but helps people build satisfying and sustainable balance in their professional and personal lives. She is also an engaging and impactful speaker. I recruited her to address an audience of small business owners, and they're still talking about how they've used her suggestions. Amy's approach works. I use her book as a continual guide myself. “
“As keynote speaker for the Portland Chapter of the Maine Women’s Network, our members absolutely LOVED Amy's very practical and down-to-earth workshop, Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-paced World. We all walked away with so many great tips and practical suggestions that we could begin to implement immediately! Amy’s authentic style, stories and straightforward approach to the topic all made for a thoroughly enjoyable presentation!”
“Intuition: we all have it but most of us don’t know how to trust and use it. Since working with Amy, I have learned to use my intuition to improve the quality of my life. By relying on my inner feelings to direct me, I have avoided potentially troubling and toxic situations. I have also entered unexpected situations that have introduced new and exciting avenues for positive growth.“
“Amy Wood has been a pleasure to work with through the Sweetser Training Institute. We are so grateful that she was willing to share her work here. The professionals who attended her training entitled “Life Your Way” gave Amy rave reviews you will read in the following comments: Best workshop in 20 years of training. This is why I travel 1500 miles to Sweetser for my training. - Awesome!, Fantastic! Every Sweetser employee should take this, This was one of the best trainings I have ever attended. So much valuable information to enhance my personal and professional life, Sweetser should have more trainings with Amy!, Great meaningful training, More!”
“The Massachusetts Hospital Association worked with Dr. Amy Wood as the keynote speaker at our Executive Women in Healthcare conference held in Portsmouth, NH in March of 2013. Her topic was based on her book, Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-Paced World. Our attendees work in busy and challenging healthcare environments and were seeking some tangible strategies for work-life balance. Dr. Wood’s presentation was excellent and received high ratings. Attendees reported that it was practical and engaging, and that her talk included great stories and analogies that helped drive home her message. We would recommend Amy Wood, Psy.D. as a speaker without hesitation.”
"As the CEO of a growing start-up company, I rely on my regular meetings with Amy to sort through difficult business and personnel decisions, often issues I can't discuss with anyone else. Amy has helped me clarify my own values and goals so those difficult decisions become much easier for me to make. Working with Amy has helped me gain a greater appreciation for the power of my own instincts as a decision-making tool. Often what initially seem like complex problems become simpler and clearer after talking to her."

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