Amy Wood, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist with deep knowledge of human nature and a gift for helping adults become their own versions of successful.  Having worked with clients ranging from seriously disturbed psychiatric patients and incarcerated criminals to corporate executives and high-powered attorneys, she knows how people handle obstacles and how they change.   No matter how complex the challenge, Dr. Wood has helped someone through it – all from the empowering perspective that every person, regardless of circumstances, is a unique and valuable individual with the inner resources necessary to articulate and accomplish their goals.

Dr. Wood facilitates growth and development through psychotherapy, coaching, speaking and training engagements, teaching, consulting, and writing.  She is award-winning author of Life Your Way:  Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-paced World and is often featured in media ranging from local newspaper and TV to national radio and popular magazines like Parade and Women’s Day.  She created Law and the Good Life, a research-based wellness system for attorneys, and teaches cognitive-behavioral psychology and narrative theory at the Simmons University Graduate School of Social Work. 

Professional Style: Dr. Wood is a keen observer of strengths and is highly skilled at drawing out the best in her clients.  She is aware as a human development expert that past experience shapes people, but she believes that more can be accomplished by putting energy and insight into making new plans and moving forward rather than endlessly processing.  Dr. Wood is very straightforward, conversational, and commonsensible in her approach, and often uses humor in her work.  She is especially good at helping people to envision clear futures for themselves and see through the clutter to find the best route to peace of mind.  Her focus is always on the positive, and she encourages acceptance of the repeated falling down and getting back up that is usually part of lasting change.   Clients describe her as:   easy to talk with, able to simplify complicated concepts, a person who “tells it like it is.”  Dr. Wood works with her clients in person, on-line, and over the phone.

Background and Education: Dr. Wood graduated from Loyola University in New Orleans in 1985 with a Communications degree, then enjoyed an invigorating magazine writing, design and marketing career in Chicago.    Fascinated by corporate dynamics and human behavior, she enrolled in Chicago’s Adler University at age 30 to become a psychologist.   She fell in love with Maine after completing her clinical internship at the University of Maine counseling center and launched a private practice in Portland in 2001.  Firmly rooted in the conviction that once you think you know everything, you know nothing at all, Dr. Wood consistently works at enhancing her skills and challenging her perspective through such professional development opportunities as certification by the College of Executive Coaching in California and the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council.  She contributes to her community and profession in a variety of ways and is a founding member of the Maine Collaborative Law Alliance.

Life Philosophy and Personal Interests : Dr. Wood owes her life successes to listening to and acting on her intuition – no matter how scary, far-fetched, or downright crazy the instructions – and she encourages others to do the same.   A firm believer that she must practice what she preaches to do effective work, she strives to keep her life balanced, her personal relationships thriving, and her mind open.   She is an avid reader of motivational books, biographies, and mystery novels; a lover of offbeat movies,  fine food and great conversation;  and enjoys hiking, swimming, yoga, running, and cross-country skiing whenever possible.   She lives in Kennebunk, Maine with her husband and dog.