collaborative law facilitation

Founded in 1990 by a Minnesota attorney dissatisfied with courtroom delays and drama, collaborative law is a respectful and cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation. It’s used all over the world to settle family and business disputes, and is most commonly used in divorce.

The collaborative divorce process joins the divorcing couple with a team of collaboratively trained divorce experts to create a customized divorce plan – on their own schedule, at a pace that feels right. The team helps the couple craft an agreement centered on their most important priorities and goals, and the focus is always on resolving conflicts humanely and finding solutions that best support the well-being of the couple and any children. Because the process lays groundwork for harmonious communication and co-parenting, future legal entanglements are minimized and the couple can launch into their new lives feeling empowered and hopeful rather than exhausted and spent.

As a collaborative law facilitator, Dr. Wood works with collaborative divorce teams in a few central ways. She supports spouses in asserting their individual interests, and then ensures that both parties are clearly heard and understood by each other and all team members. She also acts as process facilitator to assure that meetings are efficient and productive, and as mediation facilitator to help the couple reach agreement on co-parenting and other issues that may be causing conflict. Dr. Wood’s priority is to help the couple deal with difficult feelings – during and between team meetings — so that they can function optimally through the collaborative process and beyond.

Dr. Wood is a founding member of the Maine Collaborative Law Alliance (MCLA.) For more information about collaborative law, email Dr. Wood at  or call her at 207-232-0390.

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