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Monday called: Get ready to feel depressed

According to psychologist Amy Wood, “we hate Mondays because we have built Mondays up to be horrible, when in fact we should actually love Mondays. Most of us dread Monday because we have to go back to work after the weekend. Would you rather be too sick to work, or unemployed and broke?” If you’re […]

Serenity Now: 6 Ways to Give Your Home an Mindfulness-Minded Refresh

New Year’s resolutions have been around for a whopping 4,000 years. The ancient Babylonians celebrated the New Year with a spring festival in which they made promises to the gods to pay debts (and to all-around, be good). Fast forward to 46 B.C. and Julius Caesar rejiggered the calendar so the year would start in […]

How to Thrive During an Office Shake-Up

“When companies restructure their organization or experience a pivotal change, it’s essential to get employees on board and keep them motivated for the change ahead — despite the uncertainty. Change is tough for anyone, so the transition can be a challenge to navigate for executives, managers, employees and HR folks alike.”  Read this Q&A session with Psychologist Amy […]

Why Coaching Doesn’t Always Work

Here’s a new article by Dr. Wood on TLNT, The Business of HR: “It’s no news flash that executive coaching is one of the wisest investments an organization can make. Countless studies show that employees who seek coaching – essentially to accomplish important goals with less stress and greater effectiveness — tend to get promoted […]

The Portland Sun – Amy discusses intuition for “retiring minds”

Retirement essayist is finalist for book award: The editor of a new collection of essays on retirement knows what he’s talking about. Mark Chimsky, editor of “Not Your Mother’s Retirement,” is a finalist for a gold medal in the 2013 Book of the Year Awards from ForeWord Reviews for “65 Things to Do When You […]

eRelationshipAdviceCafe – Put Yourself in Charge

In this article, Dr. Wood discusses getting where you want to be in your life using your own internal compass.  “In all matters of life and work, discovering where you want to go and how you want to get there starts with making you the ultimate decision maker. And that means appointing your intuition to […]

News 8 WMTW – Amy Wood discusses overwhelm

Dr. Amy Wood weighs in on the overwhelm that adults, especially parents, feel in today’s highly scheduled culture.  Read More…

TLNT: Navigating Negativity: 4 Ways to Be Properly Optimistic in the Workplace

This article written by Amy Wood explores how to bring a balanced, rather than blind optimism in the work place. She writes: “In an era where personal and professional reinvention is all the rage, the party line is that whatever you want – a fit body, your soul mate, the corner office, you name it […]

“How to make sure you’re ready for Marriage” on Decoding Him Radio

Listen to the interview with Dr. Amy Wood as she discusses how you can make sure you are ready for marriage.  She discusses what it takes to assess if you have a healthy relationship.  To listen, you can download the interview file: Interview File  

Your Money & Your Life Radio with Jane Honeck & Amy Wood

YOUR MONEY & YOUR LIFE RADIO Dr. Wood has co-hosted an hour-long show each month with Jane Honeck, CPA, money coach and author of The Problem with Money?  It’s Not About the Money! Let Amy and Jane help you to transform your financial life – and every area of life that matters – by examining […]