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How to Know if He’s Marriage Material (by knowing if he’s not)

Amy Wood lists 11 “red flags” to look for in your partner that could indicate he is not marriage worthy.  These include He’s unreliable, He doesn’t know what he wants, and He disagrees with you on major life issues. Read more on the Decoding Him site at

Interview with Amy Wood –

Amy Wood answers direct questions regarding what to do in the event of a straying spouse.  Questions to which you can read her insightful answers include: –“What would your advice be to the betrayed spouse when the wayward spouse refuses to seek therapy as a means to rebuild their marriage after the affair?” –“What can […]

AARP – Peaceful Politics

Hear what Amy and others have to say about how to stay friends during election season – even if you don’t see eye to eye in this article in the AARP magazine. (Viewing Hint: For bigger font click on the page, or use the – / + navigation buttons at the top of the page). […]

MPBN – Creative Retirement

Aired October 18, 2012. Hear Amy discuss about reinventing yourself in retirement. Some people see their retirement as an opportunity to explore new careers, begin new businesses and find ways to contribute more to their community. Go to MPBN or click to directly hear Amy.

Boomer Brief – Sensible Multitasking: How to Almost “Do It All” Without Losing Your Mind

Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant booth enjoying lunch with a close friend you haven’t seen in a while. You’re deep in conversation with this cherished person, feeling extremely grateful to have this precious time together to catch up. You lean in closer as your friend begins to update you on a pressing personal problem, […]

thenewmainetimes: The Slow Season

On Saturday I was one of eight women who braved a surprise snowstorm to attend a lecture at Kennebooks, a bookstore in Kennebunk. The speaker was psychologist and life coach Amy Wood, author of the book “Life Your Way.”…. There’s nothing sexy or innovative about her 10 principles; they‘re just good, commonsense advice that bears […]

The Boomer Brief – How to Accomplish Anything

It’s that time of year again for me and psychologists everywhere. The New Year is picking up momentum and our phones are ringing off the hook with calls from New Year’s resolution enthusiasts who haven’t been able to follow through on their good intentions. Read more…

Boomer Brief: How to Get Real Help from Self-help Hype

Everywhere we go – the internet, the book store, the grocery store check-out line – carefully crafted headlines fight to sell us on the implausible yet tempting idea that we can have, be and do whatever we want by next month, this Friday, right this minute.  All we have to do is simply stop trying […]

The Boomer Brief: Catching up with…Amy Wood

Amy Wood is one of those talented women who can do just about anything. After spending the first part of her career in the high-pressure world of Chicago advertising, she shifted gears. That’s when she enrolled in Chicago’s Adler School of Professional Psychology – earned her degree – and became a psychologist! When she’s not […]

Mind Your Own Business Radio – Dr. Wood discusses how to avoid the overwhelm of today’s world.

Listen to Amy discuss her book Life Your Way on Mind Your Own Business Radio. Dr. Wood discusses how the world has become more complicated, and the importance of changing tactics to avoid the overwhelm of modern day’s many choices.  To listen go to the link below.  Amy speaks in the last quarter of the […]