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How to Take Advice

I’ve noticed a trend at the conferences I attend.   Attendees get really pumped up by motivational speakers, with an accompanying sense of overwhelm because they don’t know how they will actually carry out the compelling suggestions emanating from the speaking platform.  The biggest reason why goals set at conferences don’t get accomplished is that attendees […]

Carry a Big Stick

No, I’m not going to start quoting Winston Churchill.  In this case, the big stick is part of a childhood fable that inspired Mahatma Gandhi to greatness.  The story involves an elephant that wreaks havoc with his swinging trunk, knocking things every which way; the chaos stops when the elephant’s trunk becomes occupied with picking up […]

How to Build Business Your Way

This was a really good week for me.  I engaged two colleagues in a new radio concept, booked an appealing speaking engagement, and a cherished mentor invited me to do a webinar for his followers.   All these opportunities manifested in my favorite way — over coffee, one old-fashioned in-person meeting at a time.  The consensus […]

Career Counseling or Therapy?

“So often the work of therapy, certainly not to be narrowed to career counseling, is to examine the forces that brought about the original choices, and to identify the affect-laden complexes that constrict a bold step and a change of life course.”  –Jim Hollis, Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life. Sometimes the depression […]

Five Tips to Get You Unstuck, Unblocked, Newly Focused, & Passionate About Your Creative Project or Process

Read on for a post from my guest blogger Gail McMeekin of Creative Success, LLC You are a creative person.  After all, you run a business or have a career.   You have the ability to do innovative work and to make new connections between ideas, which are the key dynamic of the creative process. Yet, sometimes our […]

Who needs coaching?

Who needs coaching? Well, um, actually, I do. You’re probably thinking what the woman was thinking when I mentioned in a recent talk (on how to work smart) that I’d hired a coach to help me get clarity on the direction of my evolving business. She declared incredulously when I invited questions before closing, “I […]

Getting Back on Track, part 2

If you read part one of this two-part blog post, you understand what every successful person knows. No matter how solid your strategy for goal accomplishment or how determined you are, you absolutely will fall off track at least once and probably several times as you see your way through to the finish line. It’s […]

Getting Back On Track, Part 1

One major advantage of being an adult is that you know the routine by now. You set a new goal – or goals — you feel passionate about. You’re filled to the brim with a newfound sense that you really, positively will change your life this time. You have a clear view of the right […]

Dealing with Difficult Relatives

As a psychologist in December, I get a lot of questions about typical holiday concerns.  Pulling off Christmas without running out of money, energy, and time is a big challenge for most of my clients.  But what really piles on stress for people at this time of year is pressure to live up to pervasive […]

Why Getting Older is Great

Many clients come to me because they feel stuck in a personal or professional situation – stale relationship, job they could do in their sleep, that sort of thing — that no longer suits them.   Most clients respond well to my optimistic message that they are resourceful beings who can accomplish whatever they want with […]