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American Society of Training & Development Maine monthly meeting participant

This is the best presentation you’ve offered in the past year.  Please bring Dr. Wood back!

Susan Baracco, President, Echelon Circles

“Amy Wood brings a confident, genuine style to her presentations.  Amy’s talent for connecting with her audience is apparent and she easily engages them with her ‘down to earth’ approach to discussing complex topics.  The audience took an abundance of notes during the event Amy conducted for us so I know they received a wealth […]

Laura Kessler, Artistic and Performance Coach

“Amy Wood has set the webinar bar high.  Great stuff.  I will be keeping this in mind all day.  Thank you!”

David Lee, President, Human Nature at Work

“Your webinar rocked!  You have such a concise, clear way of communicating your ideas.  I’m blown away by the content you were able to communicate in such a short time.”

John Brubaker, Management Consultant

“Everyone needs a coach in life, even if you are one! Because when you hit a plateau in order to reach new heights you need a trusted advisor who can see something about your performance that you do not. This is why I became a client of Amy Wood. Dr. Wood’s coaching has been one […]

Marie Hogue, Mortgage Specialist, Key Financial Corporation

I attend lots of professional development trainings as part of my job, and they all seem pretty repetitive after a while; nothing new, just the same old stuff.  That’s why I was particularly impressed and delighted when I went to a training Amy facilitated on applying my inner resources to being more successful at work.  […]

Colleen Tucker, Attorney

“I have enjoyed several highly insightful and helpful presentations given by Amy at the Portland Public Library during the workday’s lunch hour.  These monthly presentations are always very well attended.  I’ve heard Amy speak on various life and work skill-building topics, from “How to Deal with Difficult People” to “How to Know When to Let […]

Barbara Wilson, Founding Partner, Wellness Strategies LLC

“If you’re looking for a coach who can get right to the core of what’s important, then Amy Wood is the coach for you.  She has the ability to sift through the chaff, shine a light on what’s getting in your way, and help you create a strategy to move you forward.  Having personally benefited […]

Jeff Fisher, Writer/Director, Turner Entertainment Network

“Amy’s coaching was enormously helpful as I was planning the next chapter of my life.  Her goal-oriented exercises helped me to clarify what I wanted from the cross-country move ahead of me and organize my time accordingly.  I would recommend Amy as a coach to anyone at a crossroads in their life or to someone […]