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Fran Liautaud, Founder, Dialogue Works

“Amy Wood is an extremely skilled facilitator of personal and professional growth.  Her presentations are interactive and engaging, and always about life-enhancing subjects that everyone can relate to.  And as someone who consistently realizes her own goals, Amy is an expert at coaching others to concentrate and achieve their objectives.  Amy is a model of […]

Michael Pepin, President, Maine Alternative Energy

“There comes a time in everyone’s business or personal life when it’s prudent to stop and reexamine the course we’re on.   When this time came for me, I sought out Dr. Amy Wood, a non-biased, qualified professional who could help me make an honest and thorough self-assessment., increase my self-awareness, and strategize new ways to find fulfillment.   […]

Beth Carter, President, Carter Consulting

“Amy’s attention to detail and her intuitive style make her an excellent coach.  She is great at asking probing questions that get me to think about issues in my life in a whole new light.  Her compassion and upbeat personality are refreshing compared to other coaches I’ve worked with.”

Steve McPike, Pharmacy Program Manager, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Maine

“I wasn’t sure I needed leadership coaching or really what it involved.  Luckily circumstances led me to utilize it just when I started a new job.  You often think getting the job is the hard part during the job search but the first few months after starting can be quite challenging as well.  Amy provided […]

Amy Jaffe, Career Counselor, Heart at Work Career Counseling

“I often refer my career counseling clients to Amy for psychotherapy and coaching because she has a real knack for helping clients to focus and become more productive at work.  Amy is especially adept at helping people define their personal and professional goals and empowering them to succeed in the workplace.”