psychotherapy and executive coaching

Psychotherapy:  Dr. Wood conducts individual and couples therapy with adults. Psychotherapy is recommended when self-doubts, negative beliefs, anxiety, depression, unresolved trauma, relationship problems, and other stubborn psychological obstacles are interfering with peace of mind and daily living. Dr. Wood works from a Positive Psychology, solution-focused perspective, meaning that she helps her therapy clients to channel their strengths into resolving what’s holding them back, creating a new life vision, and moving forward.  Some types of insurance are accepted.

Coaching:   Coaching can assist you in stepping away from your everyday routine to deliberately envision and create the improved circumstances you desire at home and work.    A coach can encourage your personal and professional evolution more quickly than you could on your own by helping you to:

  • See yourself more clearly — from self-defeating patterns to untapped strengths – so that you can downplay your liabilities and maximize your personal assets to achieve greater impact.  
  • Develop a fresh perspective designed to attract compelling opportunities.
  • Be accountable, energized and focused as you work consistently toward important goals.
  • Learn practical and proven success strategies and practice them until they stick.
  • Stay aware, active and positive in achieving the results you want in all life areas.
  • Make peace of mind your primary agenda – no matter what is happening around you.

What you can expect from coaching:  Life is hard no matter what, and no amount of coaching can take away the curveballs – break-ups, lay-offs, family crises, health issues; not to mention the ever-increasing daily demands of our fast-paced world — that get thrown our way as we grow and develop.  But coaching can make you more resilient in the face of challenges by improving your ability to:

  • View yourself more realistically and confidently .
  • Leverage your strengths to get what you want.
  • Be productive and prosperous amidst distraction.
  • Follow through on important intentions.
  • Navigate change, transition and conflict.
  • Build rewarding relationships and collaborative partnerships.
  • Make decisions that reflect your truest goals and values.
  • Inspire and lead others by example.
  • See possibility instead of problems.
  • Be more organized and efficient.
  • Feel more balanced, directed and calm under pressure.
  • Contribute to the success of your family, workplace and community.

Insurance is not accepted for coaching.