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Distinguished by the prestigious National Speakers Association, Dr. Wood is a genuinely powerful orator and teacher known for positively influencing audiences of all sizes and types through keynotes, seminars, webinars and workshops.  She rises above quick-fix motivational hype — Overhaul Your Life in 5 Easy Steps by Friday! — with sustainable strategies for reaching higher levels of fulfillment and achievement.  Recent speaking venues include the Florida Bar Association, Illinois Women’s Conference, Maine Bar Association, Myositis Association Patients Conference, New England Human Resources Conference, and New England Women Hospital Executives Conference.

Dr. Wood speaks and trains in a variety of formats and time-frames to promote personal and professional development and workplace wellness. And because she knows from experience that genuine change can’t happen without practice and reinforcement, she often combines presentations and workshops with follow-up individual and/or group coaching to ensure that learning lasts.

Keep in mind as you review the following list of Dr. Wood’s most popular speaking and training topics that she is always open to new ideas, and trainings can be customized to meet specific client requests.  Consider too that she speaks and trains in person and via webinar and teleclass:

Life Your Way:  Dr. Wood’s signature session complements her award-winning book Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-paced World. Participants learn five mistakes most of us make when trying to overcome overwhelm, and ten practical strategies for taking contemporary pressures in stride and making the most of modern life on their own unique terms.

Dealing with Difficult People: We all come across people – co-workers, clients, relatives — who push our buttons. This session teaches strategies for handling difficult people with less stress and greater success in situations where avoidance isn’t an option.

Effective Goal-setting: Many of us have many perfectly reasonable goals that don’t get accomplished either because we don’t have the right strategy — or we’re convinced we’re not ready to take action (because in our “too much information” world there’s always just one more book to read, one more expert to consult.)  This session teaches participants how to know when enough preparation is enough,  establish workable and stimulating goals, and stay committed to completion despite distractions and disruptions that test resolve and confidence.

Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence: A high IQ doesn’t necessarily translate into academic, career or social success.  The most accurate predictor of success is emotional intelligence, or EQ – the capacity to understand one’s self and others and apply that understanding effectively in real world situations.  This session covers the components of emotional intelligence, why it’s essential, ways to increase it, and how to leverage it to enhance success in all areas of life.

Executive Coaching Overview: Executive coaching is becoming more and more common in the workplace as a way to enhance morale, motivation, and productivity.  But what is executive coaching exactly, when is it called for, and how does it impact the bottom line?  This session answers common questions about coaching so that managers can make an informed decision about integrating it into the budget.

The Fine Art of Working Smart: In our demanding, distracted world, it’s more important than ever to be efficient. This session teaches ten steps for getting more done in less time — in ways that really make a difference.

Getting Back on Track When Life Knocks You Down: It’s easy to stay positive about important goals when life is just clipping along. But what happens when a major life event, such as a break-up, illness, injury, or job loss knocks you off your path? Or what if it’s just lack of will or inspiration that’s getting in the way?  This session shows how to get through tough times, refuel, and feel motivated again – no matter what is happening internally or externally.

How to Make an Impact: As our world becomes more and more overwhelmed with information and options, it gets more challenging to stand out amidst the clutter. This session teaches ten surprisingly simple practices for rising to the top and getting noticed by the right people at the right time.

Improving Your Intuition: All of us have intuition, an inner guidance system that can help us make better choices and be more successful in all areas of life – if we’re willing to listen to what it has to say. This session helps participants to understand and rely on their intuition as a vital solution-finding resource. Specific strategies are offered for tapping into inner wisdom, increasing intuitive power, and developing a life context that clears the clutter of “too much information” by keeping intuition at the forefront.

Law and the Good Life:  Mounting studies show that attorneys are more unhappy than other professionals.  Based on her own research, this session covers the most common causes of stress in the legal world and ways to reduce it.  Read on for more information about Law and the Good Life, the wellness system Dr. Wood created for attorneys. 

Letting Go of Self-limiting Beliefs: Inner doubt and fears – and we all have them –can sabotage even the best laid plans.  Unfortunately much of the advice out there on changing our thinking is ineffective and only makes the problem worse.  This session helps participants to understand what it really takes to develop the constructive mindset needed to get around self-imposed obstacles and move forward with confidence.

The True Definition of Life Balance and How to Create It: Life balance is an over-used term that isn’t really possible — unless we know what life balance really means.  This session shows how we cause stress by aspiring to false definitions of life balance.  Participants learn what life balance really is,  how to achieve it, and, most importantly, how to sustain it for greater meaning and happiness.

Operating with Optimism:   Most of us know that an optimistic perspective is the key to success, but few of us get what optimism really involves.  This session reveals the truth about optimism and teaches ways to be more powerful by appreciating the limits of positiviity and the surprising benefits of pessimism.  Participants learn ways to integrate the best of glass-half-full and glass-half-empty thinking so that goals can be accomplished with greater ease.

Sound Decision-making: Whether you’re choosing salad dressing at the grocery store or considering how to handle a career or family crisis, choosing a course of action can be difficult in a time-pressed world where options and opinions abound. This session helps to simplify decision-making through a process of screening out the superfluous, reviewing viable alternatives, considering consequences, and integrating vital factors ranging from personal values and intuitive hunches to “expert” advice and desired outcomes.

Thriving in the Face of Change and Uncertainty: Life is unpredictable and ever-evolving, and most of us prefer order to the adventure of adjustment.   This session explores ways to weather the inevitable transitions of adulthood — everything from break-ups to corporate downsizing to major loss — from a more grounded perspective. The emphasis is on viewing change as a welcome opportunity for personal growth, not just a jarring interruption.  Strategies are offered for feeling a sense of control in a world where nothing is firm and anything can happen.