Life is hard. Curveballs – break-ups, lay-offs, family crises, health issues, and the daily demands of our fast-paced world — threaten to throw us off-balance as we try to grow and develop.

Executive coaching can assist you in stepping away from your everyday routine to deliberately envision and create the improved circumstances you desire at home and work. The right coach can encourage your personal and professional evolution more quickly than you could on your own.


Working with Dr. Amy Wood as your coach can make you more resilient in the face of challenges by helping you:

  • See yourself more clearly. From self-defeating patterns to untapped strengths, you can minimize your liabilities and maximize your personal assets to achieve a more significant impact.
  • Develop a fresh perspective to attract exciting opportunities.
  • Learn practical and proven success strategies and practice them until they stick.
  • Be accountable, energized, and focused as you work consistently toward important goals.
  • Find peace of mind no matter what is happening around you.

Executive coaching can be done in-person at Dr. Wood’s office in Portland, Maine, or remotely using phone or video conferencing.

Insurance is not accepted for executive coaching.

Contact Dr. Amy Wood to learn more about executive
coaching or book your first appointment.

Lawyer Like an Athlete

Studies show that attorneys are more unhappy than other professionals. Based on Dr. Amy Wood’s research, Lawyer Like an Athlete covers the most common causes of stress in the legal world and ways to reduce it. Learn more about this wellness system Dr. Wood created for attorneys.

“Dr. Amy Wood’s coaching has been one of the most beneficial investments of my time and resources I’ve ever made. She is one of the most insightful and intuitive people I know. She has helped me push myself, blaze new professional trails, and achieve previously untapped potential.”

— John Brubaker
Management Consultant