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Parade magazine article

Parade Magazine: “Take Back Your Weekend” by Amy Wood

These days, managing your weekend is like running a marathon at a sprinter’s pace—with a stagger across the finish line on Sunday night. Too many people aren’t enjoying themselves on the weekends. Read this article to learn how to take back your weekend.

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Navigating Negativity: 4 Ways to Be Properly Optimistic in the Workplace

As any astute HR professional knows, too much negativity is draining, deflating, and downright depressing in the workplace. But too much positivity can lead to denial, avoidance, and dangerous oversights. The key is to strike a healthy balance between needless catastrophizing and inflated confidence.

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5-Minute Mood Boosters

Beat the blues in a flash with these eight cheer-up techniques.

Reviews & Awards for Life Your Way by Dr. Amy Wood

Featured Review

Life Your Way by Amy Wood is the “real deal,” an authentic self-help book with an inviting professional style that is indubitably inspiring and downright rational—a pearl of practical wisdom among the swells of personal transformation writings flooding the information age.”

–The US Review of Books


"Life Your Way" received the Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award in the Self-Help category for 2012.

Top 12 Spirited Woman Book Pick List

Top 12 Spirited Woman Book Pick List


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Helping clients uncover emotional intelligence is key to therapist’s work

At the base of everything that a therapist does, helping patients to reach a level of emotional balance is key. There may be many modalities used in the therapy room, from CBT to psychodynamic therapy, but the bottom line is to help clients get there.

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The value of connection in our lives

Singer-songwriter Noel Paul Stookey, NPR host Diane Rehm, Maine CDC director Nirav Shah and psychologist Amy Wood discuss why human connection is so important—especially in light of the pandemic.

Listen to this Podcast on Maine Public

Living in the Moment: A Realistic Approach for Your Life

This concept of living in the moment is a mirage, a panacea, and an intangible goal that many attorneys – and adults in general – long to achieve as the ultimate remedy to stress.

Read this article in the Maine Bar Journal.

Sensible Multitasking: The Smart Way to Get More Done in Less Time

Imagine there’s no pandemic and you’re sitting in a restaurant booth enjoying lunch and catching up with a close friend you haven’t seen in a while. You lean in closer as your friend begins to update you on a pressing personal problem, and just then you hear someone in the booth behind you mention the name of a colleague.

Read more in this Ask Amy column in the Maine Bar Journal.

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