People from all walks of life come to Dr. Amy Wood for executive coaching. Here are a few examples of people she has helped along on their path to happiness and fulfillment.

Names and personal information have been changed to protect privacy.

Holly entered Dr. Wood’s office for the first time about six years ago. She had just been promoted at a large financial services company to a VP position and was feeling intimidated. Her new influential role required that she be a visible authority figure, running big meetings, overseeing a large team, and traveling for speaking engagements. As a shy introvert, she was not secure in her capacity to take on these leadership challenges.

Holly and Dr. Wood worked at building Holly’s confidence and assertiveness to the point where she overcame her shyness and developed a strong professional presence. Since their first meeting, Holly has been promoted twice and is now thriving in her industry. She is highly respected and happier with her career than she’s ever been. Their coaching relationship continues evolving as Holly advances her career. They currently meet to discuss high-level matters such as complex decisions, personnel dilemmas, and big-picture plans.

Monica came to Dr. Wood as a newly divorced mother with half-custody of two young girls. Monica’s goal was to increase her income by starting a business, learn strategies for co-parenting with her difficult ex-husband, and navigate the demands of working and parenting. Monica’s self-esteem was low when they first met. Her marriage had been emotionally abusive, and she was unsure she was capable of reaching financial freedom.

By breaking goals into manageable steps and accomplishing them week by week, Monica began to think more positively about herself, advance her entrepreneurial savvy, and set and maintain clear boundaries with her ex.

Monica is much more self-assured now, is financially and vocationally fulfilled as a sought-after professional photographer, and feels grounded and centered amid the stress of co-parenting and synthesizing life and work.

Jack initiated coaching as a young attorney feeling completely overwhelmed and disillusioned with work. He had always been a high achiever, managing to excel in college and law school without compromising his health or social life. But now, working as an associate at a large law firm, Jack was barely able to keep his head above water with a never-ending pile of tasks in front of him. Expectations were so high that he was working every night and weekend, had stopped exercising and socializing, and wasn’t sleeping well or thinking clearly. He wasn’t sure he wanted to continue being an attorney.

Through Dr. Wood’s Lawyer Like an Athlete workshop and follow-up coaching, Jack became more in command at work, more energized, and able to solve problems more efficiently. By learning how to get more done in less time, he was able to create a satisfying life outside the office.

At this point, he is on the partner track at his firm, has a rewarding social life, is healthier and more resilient, and feels excited about his work again.

Stacy came to Dr. Wood as an experienced physician who had found her career quite rewarding until changes in her field started eroding her enjoyment of practicing. New requirements – that she sees more patients in less time, and that she record her notes digitally – had added significant pressure to her job and compromised her life. Rushed interactions made her connections with patients less meaningful, and note-taking was now a cumbersome chore involving longer hours.

Coaching helped Stacy adjust to the changes forced upon her. She learned how to have quality interactions with her patients despite the time constraints, and she figured out how to note-take more effectively – without having to bring work home. Several months into the coaching relationship, Stacy’s father died, and her mother became reliant on her for care, so coaching then incorporated dealing with this additional stress.

Coaching helped Stacy to become more adept at keeping herself calm and connected and operating at her optimal rhythm – regardless of the pace expected of her at work and home.

Alex reached out to Dr. Wood as a successful accountant who, admittedly, was not as gifted with life skills as he was with numbers. He was satisfied with his career but needed help getting along with a business partner and challenging clients. And though he was financially well-off, his life felt empty because he didn’t have an abundant social life or any fulfilling personal interests. Additionally, he’d been single for a long time and lacked a knack for keeping an organized and comforting home.

The strengths that had made him so good at accounting – attention to detail, high integrity, and reliability – were used to accomplish goals focused on improved professional relationships and a pleasurable personal life. Alex was able to arrive at a more well-rounded version of success.

Alex is now happily married, is passionate about tennis and hiking, and is renowned for having the high emotional intelligence required to address conflict and deal with tricky personality types.


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