According to Forbes, attorneys are more stressed and less happy than any other professional.

Attorneys Face a Unique Type of Stress and Require Unique Solutions

Stress among attorneys is a severe problem. While many occupations come with pressure, attorneys face uncommonly formidable challenges associated with unhappiness and burnout. Stressors cited most frequently by attorneys include:

  • A sense of having no control over work/life
  • Frustration with not being able to help clients sufficiently or make a lasting difference
  • Excessively demanding and adversarial work

Stress experienced by attorneys requires advanced techniques for the well-being of attorneys, their firms, and their families.

An Elite Wellness Solution for an Elite Profession

Lawyer Like an Athlete is a proven system designed to target distinct stressors faced every day by attorneys. Developed by Dr. Wood, this system incorporates approaches used by sports champions and world-class achievers. The emphasis is on peak performance practices that reduce the strain of lawyering and promote greater happiness and productivity.

The Three Pillars of Lawyering Like an Athlete

Lawyer Like an Athlete includes three components for reducing attorney stress:

The Lawyer Like an Athlete system
is delivered in three ways:

One-on-one coaching
Customized group trainings
Talent attraction and retention consulting

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“As the leader of an online support group for female attorneys in South Carolina, I hired Dr. Wood to do a CLE webinar on work life balance. She is incredibly easy to work with, and the insightful content she shared was exactly what we needed to help our members navigate their personal and professional lives with greater ease.”
~ Tiffany Provence, Member, South Carolina Bar Association
“As CLE Director for the Maine State Bar Association, I have had the pleasure of working with Amy Wood for the past two years. Amy has presented a number of seminars for the Maine State Bar Association. Her knowledge, experience, and presentation skills have been key ingredients in the success of her presentations and programs and are consistently rated excellent by attorneys.”
~ Linda Morin-Pasco, Maine State Bar Association CLE Director
“Dr. Wood’s in-depth insight into the unique stresses and pressures of practicing law combined with her experience and wisdom as a psychologist and professional coach makes her very effective at improving attorney wellness. She delivers what lawyers need to be less stressed, work smarter, produce better results, and enjoy life more.”
~ Peter Schroeter, Esquire, Chair of the Maine Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section