Webinars by Dr. Amy Wood

Dr. Amy Wood offers professional development webinars designed to be both practical and interesting. Her goal is to assist highly driven adults with meeting their continuing education quotas and performing at their best day in and day out.

No Webinars are scheduled at this time.

“Dr. Amy Wood’s presentations are very uplifting, thought-provoking, and inspiring. Each point she makes keeps the end-user focused and engaged. Dr. Wood is interactive and captivating. Dr. Wood’s knowledge and level of expertise and professionalism is the reason Stenographers World has asked her to be the go-to psychologist/professional business and personal life coach for our members.”
~ Selena Stehn, Founder, Stenographers World, LLC
“It was such a pleasure to have Amy Wood lead a webinar for Ms. JD’s national audience of women attorneys and law students. She is an energetic and engaging speaker, and she really related to the attendees with her practical takeaways.”
~ Katie Day, Attorney and Ms. JD's Programs Chair