Distinguished by the prestigious National Speakers Association, Dr. Amy Wood is a powerful orator and teacher. She is known for positively influencing audiences of all sizes and types through keynotes, trainings, webinars, and workshops.

Dr. Wood rises above quick-fix motivational hype with sustainable strategies for reaching higher levels of fulfillment and achievement. Speaking venues include the Florida Bar Association, Maine Bar Association, Illinois Women’s Conference, Myositis Association Patients Conference, New England Human Resources Conference, and New England Women Hospital Executives Conference.

Dr. Wood speaks and trains in a variety of formats and time frames to promote personal development, professional development, and workplace wellness. And because she knows from experience that genuine change can’t happen without practice and reinforcement, she often combines presentations and workshops with follow-up coaching to ensure that learning lasts.


All sessions offered by Dr. Wood can be delivered in-person or virtually. The duration can be customized to fit your needs, from 60-minute presentations and keynotes to full-day workshops.

Lawyer Like an Athlete

Based on Dr. Wood’s own research, this practical program addresses stressors distinct to lawyering with elite approaches used by sports champions and other world-class achievers. The emphasis is on high-performance practices for building endurance, outsmarting burnout, and bringing your best self to work. The program includes two half-hour coaching sessions to help you stay on track with your new goals.

Life Your Way: 10 Principles for Success on Your Terms

Dr. Wood’s signature session complements her award-winning book Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-paced World. Participants learn five mistakes most of us make when trying to overcome overwhelm, as well as ten practical strategies for taking contemporary pressures in stride and making the most of modern life on their own unique terms.

Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence

A high IQ doesn’t necessarily translate into academic, career, or social success. The most accurate predictor of success is emotional intelligence, or EQ – the capacity to understand one’s self and others and apply that understanding effectively in real-world situations. This session covers the components of emotional intelligence, why it’s essential, ways to increase it, and how to leverage it to enhance success in all areas of life.

Elevate Your Mindset for Greater Success

Any highly accomplished person will tell you that Henry Ford’s iconic quote, “Whether you think you can or you can’t – you’re right,” sums up the secret to professional and personal fulfillment. Influential people tend to share a powerfully positive and motivating perspective that is critical to success. Grounded in the proven science of cognitive-behavioral psychology, this session teaches the art of thinking in ways that reduce problems and attract opportunities. You’ll discover the enormous impact your own beliefs have on everything you do and experience, and then refine those beliefs to get better results.

The True Definition of Work/Life Balance and How to Create It

Work/life balance is an overused term that isn’t possible — unless you know what work/life balance actually means. This session highlights how we cause stress by aspiring to false definitions of work/life balance. You’ll learn what work/life balance really is, how to achieve it, and, most importantly, how to sustain it for greater productivity and satisfaction at work and everywhere else.

Dealing with Difficult People

Many personal and professional situations involve interacting with clients, colleagues, community members, family, and other individuals who can test patience and push buttons. This session teaches strategies for handling tricky personalities with greater command – without losing your cool.

Women’s Leadership Series

The Women’s Leadership Series is for current or aspiring female leaders seeking to boost self-confidence, influence at all organizational levels, and live a more balanced life. This series consists of five full-day workshops over five months and concludes with an actionable personal development plan as well as a knowledge-sharing celebration. Learn more and register here.

A-Game Physicians, Healthier Patients

This practical workshop addresses stressors distinct to doctoring with elite approaches used by sports champions and other world-class achievers. The emphasis is on high-performance practices for building endurance, outsmarting burnout, and bringing your best self to work.

Law and the Good Life

Studies show that attorneys are more unhappy than other professionals. Based on Dr. Amy Wood’s research, this session covers the most common causes of stress in the legal world and ways to reduce it. Learn more about Law and the Good Life, the wellness system Dr. Wood created for attorneys.

Other available topics

  • Effective Goal-Setting
  • Executive Coaching Overview
  • The Fine Art of Working Smart
  • Getting Back on Track When Life Knocks You Down
  • How to Make an Impact
  • Improving Your Intuition
  • Operating with Optimism
  • Sound Decision-Making
  • Thriving in the Face of Change and Uncertainty

Dr. Wood is always open to new topic ideas, and trainings can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Contact Dr. Amy Wood for more information or to book her as a speaker.


Dr. Amy Wood offers professional development webinars designed to be both practical and interesting. Her goal is to assist highly driven adults with meeting their continuing education quotas and performing at their best day in and day out.

“One of our attorneys and I worked with Amy to create a customized half-day version of her “Lawyer Like an Athlete” program, including follow-up executive coaching for all participants. The seminar was designed to address stressors distinct to lawyering with approaches used by elite athletes and other world-class achievers. Amy provided practical ideas for building endurance and outsmarting burnout to help our associates come to work able to be their best selves. The seminar and coaching have been very well-received by the participants, all of whom appreciate both Amy’s approach and the time spent focused on their wellness.”
~ Charles Vrtis, Director of Human Resources, Pierce Atwood

“Amy is the perfect solution for boosting staff satisfaction and productivity. She offers a timely and relevant program that supports staff if they are experiencing stress, burnout, and fatigue from trying to manage too many priorities at once. Amy is able to engage participants in a fun and effective way.”

~ Elise Klysa, Workforce Strategist, MaineGeneral Medical Center