Total Maine with Steve Minich

In this episode of "Total Maine with Steve Minich," a psychologist [Dr. Amy Wood] offers some simple advice on how to keep

Total Maine with Steve Minich2022-01-10T13:18:50-05:00

Want To Be Happier? Admit Your Anger

There’s plenty to be mad about as an attorney – too much work, not enough support, lack of control over the court

Want To Be Happier? Admit Your Anger2022-01-06T12:56:54-05:00

The value of connection in our lives

Singer-songwriter Noel Paul Stookey, NPR host Diane Rehm, Maine CDC director Nirav Shah and psychologist Amy Wood discuss why human connection is

The value of connection in our lives2021-12-02T16:00:19-05:00

Navigating Negativity: An Optimistic Approach

...vividly picture your dreams, fiercely affirm your deservedness, and your desires will manifest. Read this article from the Maine Bar Journal.

Navigating Negativity: An Optimistic Approach2021-06-30T09:22:09-04:00
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